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Round up some simple supplies at home to make something new!

Start Crafting!

4 Steps to Chip Carving at Home

Philadelphia artist Keunho Peter Park offers an introduction to chip carving, sharing the simple tools and techniques you need to try this intricate pattern-making craft.

Sharp tools required. Appropriate for mature crafters.

Kids Crafts with Katie

The Center's Community Engagement Manager, Katie Sorenson, guides all-ages crafting activities you can do at home. Check back frequently for updates to this section!

Wooden Bead Creatures

Let your imagination flow with these wooden bead creatures! Learn how to make your own little creatures with Katie in this 4-minute tutorial.

Supplies needed: Wooden Beads, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, color pencils or markers.

Racing Spools

Get your creativity speeding with these racing wooden spools! Learn how to make your own racer with Katie in this 3-minute tutorial.

Supplies needed: Wooden Spool, rubber band, paperclip, furniture pin, heavy-duty tape, metal washer, color pencils or markers.

Clothespin Butterflies

Let your crafting take flight! Learn how to make butterflies or dragonflies with Katie in this 3-minute tutorial.

Supplies needed: Clothespins, craft sticks, colored pencils or markers, glue, and magnets (optional).

Rag Jewelry

Repurpose old button down shirts into fun, dimensional wearables! Katie shows you how in this 3-minute tutorial.

Supplies needed: Wooden beads, old shirts or fabric scraps, and toothpicks (optional).

Block Printing

Color, pattern, and design — block printing covers a lot of crafty ground! Katie shows you how to do this great project at home.

Supplies needed: Paper, wood shapes, foam or bristle brushes, paint or ink, and a cup of water.

Safer DIY Masks: Tips for Improving Design

If you're looking to boost your mask's ability to filter out small particles, NPR has three tips from researchers who've been testing mask materials in light of the pandemic — including a hack that involves a pair of pantyhose.

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